providing inventive solutions for our diverse client base.

A total commitment to excellence.

MFS Engineers & Surveyors is a multi-discipline MBE/DBE/SBE/SDB certified firm that provides personalized services and solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of experienced technical staff has built a reputation of innovative, high-quality solutions, managing large, cross disciplinary projects that combine multiple engineering, surveying, and construction services.

Health & Safety

MFS Engineers understands the value and necessity of safety, both in our offices and on project sites. Our Health & Safety plan is comprehensive and our team undergoes OSHA and site-specific training to ensure they're given the tools they need to maintain a safe work environment.


  • • State of New Jersey
  • • State of New Jersey • The Port Authority of NY & NJ • NYC Small Business Services • NYC School Construction Authority • NYS Empire State Development • Pennsylvania Department of General Services • City of Philadelphia
  • • NJ/NYS Unified Certification Program
  • Certified by International Accreditation Service (IAS) for: New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB)
  • Awarded Schedule Contract by the US General Services Administration (GSA)

Our Mission

MFS Engineers & Surveyors will satisfy its clients by providing inventive strategies and innovative solutions for modern engineering and construction challenges.

Our Values


Approach each relationship and project with moral and ethical principles.


Build honest relationships offering consistent and dependable services.


Guide an industry through respected values and responsible ideals.


Foster a work environment that encourages growth and professional development to meet changing market needs.


Work collaboratively to deliver intelligent solutions to complex challenges.


Introduce creative methods and ideas to integrate with industry traditions.


Intensely devote our efforts towards providing superior quality in our engineering achievements and construction services.
Our Vision

Client Relationships

Expand into new relationships while maintaining connections with existing clientele. Longstanding connections are upheld with trust, integrity, and accountability.

Our Vision

Professional Development

Strive to cultivate a professional and collaborative work environment in which the pursuance of greater education is encouraged. Advancement of MFS personnel is promoted through mentoring, training, and team building.

Our Vision


Further implement connectivity and communication throughout the organization. Collaboration of individuals to achieve a communal goal is supported by networking. Converge physical and technological interactions to introduce ideas that develop solutions.

Our Vision

Continual Growth

Broaden business through internal and external expansion. With a strong foundation of proficient and educated individuals, MFS will continue to build and advance. Through this vision, MFS will establish itself as a prominent industry leader.