Site/Civil Engineering

Preparing a site for a new building requires a lot of experience and expertise. At MFS Engineers & Surveyors, we handle all the logistics of construction builds so that you can feel confident before you start. Our site engineering services can help you prepare for a new site, whether you’re an architect, a developer, or a contractor.

Our Services

Before you develop a site, you have to prepare. This includes permits, land development, and other design projects. Our experienced team of engineers can make sure your site is ready for construction to begin. We handle:

  • Land development: This includes site planning and design, land clearing and landscape alteration.
  • Erosion control: We help you manage stormwater and erosion issues to ensure your site is safe and avoids damage.
  • Utility design: Utilities like plumbing and electricity require expert forethought. We help you design the plans to ensure your utility systems can run safely and efficiently.
  • Lighting and landscape design: Finish your project off right with flawless lighting and landscape designs that will give the property a homey look and better aesthetic value.

NYC Local Permitting Solutions Including, but not limited to:

  • NYCDOB Builders Pavement Plans (BPP)
  • NYCDOT Pedestrian Ramps
  • NYCDOT Vaults Applications
  • NYCDEP Site Connection Application (SCP)
  • DEP Cross-Connection Application
  • NYCDPR Street Tree Permit

You can also turn to us for expert testimony at board planning meetings so that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Our Company

Our site engineering solutions help both public and private entities with construction projects. We work with a variety of clients and prioritize personal services and quality results. We also partner with reputable companies for utility infrastructure, resiliency protection, and municipal capital improvement projects to ensure you always get the best results.

Don’t try to handle all the aspects of site development on your own. Turn to our experienced engineers and enjoy fast and reliable services.

Our land development engineers will guide the client through the permitting process that exists at the state and local levels. The site development process consists of numerous moving parts with multiple professional disciplines helping to bring the project from concept to reality. The Site-Civil engineer plays a crucial part in this process, MFS’ development team brings their experience in municipal ordinance review, planning, and site engineering to any project.

Our team of qualified engineers, led by licensed engineering professionals, understands the pace of the permitting and design process that is required on each new project. We apply our past experience on the development of projects related to residential properties, commercial sites, industrial facilities, government assets, as well as educational and institutional campuses and their facilities. We partner with reputable A/E/C firms on projects related to resiliency protection, utility infrastructure, power/energy, and municipal capital improvement projects.

MFS provides professional site/civil engineering services in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors.

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“What sets us apart from many engineering firms is our in-house capabilities, from geotechnical to structural engineering, and surveying to environmental due-diligence, we are a one stop shop for all land development projects” - Gonzalo M. Trenosky, Head of Site/Civil Department

Our services include:

• Land Development for Residential & Commercial Properties
• Professional Expert Testimony at Planning Board Meetings
• Stormwater Management
• Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Designs
• Site Utility Design
• Construction Engineering & Administration Support
• 3D Site Modeling for BIM integration
• Drainage Design and Improvements
• Permit Application for State and Local Authorities
• NYC permitting services through NYC DOB, DOT, DPR, and DEP
• NYC DOB Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and reporting
• Site Lighting and Landscaping Design