Structural Engineering

The engineering team at MFS Engineers & Surveyors is here to provide structural engineering solutions. Our Structural Engineers are experienced and practical with a complex understanding of the value of safe, sustainable designs; cost and pace of construction; and maintaining your project schedule.

Do you need high-quality structural engineering services? Get in contact with our team today to learn how we can provide you with our innovative and beneficial services.

What We Do

Our engineers have technical knowledge and field experience when it comes to providing structural engineering services. We are meticulous in the projects we take on and make sure to incorporate our clients’ needs when it comes to application, design, and deadlines.

We’re pleased to offer the following structural engineering services:

  • New facility and utility buildings
  • Above-ground structures: equipment platforms, single span bridges, utility supports, sign structures, sound barrier walls, and ancillary structures
  • Above-ground structures: platforms, enclosures, access bridges, staircases, equipment and utility supports, and low-rise structures
  • Under-ground structures: pump stations, drainage structures, shallow and deep foundations, and permanent and temporary earth retaining structures
  • Building assessment
  • Structural condition evaluation and load rating
  • Structural investigation
  • Structural rehabilitation, modification and seismic reinforcing
  • Shoring and bracing
  • Structural demolition work plans
  • Crane lifting and rigging plans
  • Excavation support and underpinning
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction special inspections

If you’re looking for cost-effective structural design and quality solutions, talk to MFS Engineers & Surveyors about how we can provide you with workable solutions. We aren’t daunted by the size or scope of projects, challenging design concepts, or adverse site conditions. No matter the project you have in mind, we will ensure our work maintains its integrity.

Who We Work With

Our team works with anyone who needs structural engineering solutions in the following applications:

  • A/E/C firms
  • Commercial entities
  • Educational organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Industrial applications
  • Institutional campuses and facilities

We have worked in the public and private sectors for various agencies, architects, contractors, developers, and engineers. If you need structural engineering solutions, we’re happy to meet with you and talk about your project.

How You Can Get Started

To reach our Headquarters, call us at (908) 922-4622. You can also contact us by sending a message through our online form, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or to provide you with a quote.